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At Shift Orthotics & Footwear, we truly believe that an active, healthy life starts with - you guessed it! - your foot comfort and health. 


We all know the old song:

Your foot bone’s connected to your heel bone, 

Your heel bone’s connected to your ankle bone, 

Your ankle bone’s connected to your leg bone...

And so on, through the knees, thighs, hips, back, and more. 


The anatomy may be a little on the simplistic side, but it’s true! Your feet are the foundation for the rest of you. Just as we don’t build a house on a shaky foundation - because our floors will sag, walls will crack, and we’ll have problems all the way up - issues with your feet can cause not just foot pain but pain all the way up. 


It works the other way around, too. Medical conditions above the feet may cause serious foot pain. Try asking someone who is 7 months pregnant how their feet feel! Some illnesses can also cause terrible foot pain leading to severe limitations in functional ability, like arthritis and diabetes.

Foot pain -> Knee Pain -> Back Pain

The great news? We can help.


Our mission at Shift is to promote healthy, active living from the ground up. You are unique, and your feet are too. So we always take a patient-centred and evidence-based approach to your foot comfort and health. Our goal, above all else, is to help your feet to feel and function better so that you can keep up with or get back to the things that matter to you. 


Hiking, biking, playing pain free because of pedorthic care

For work.
For play.
For life.
Your health,
from the ground up.

about shift.

Everything we do here at Shift Orthotics & Footwear is driven by a set of values that everyone on our team holds near and dear. Hover on the pictures below to find out more about some of the most important ones!

People laughing outdoors in the autumn

You are always the focus of what we do. We don’t just focus on your diagnosis. We focus on your needs and wants, on what matters to you. We work with you to find solutions that work for you.

patient-centred care

Teamwork, all hands in

Our Canadian Certified Pedorthist is happy to work as part of your complete healthcare team and regularly collaborates with practitioners in related fields.


Gait pattern of a runner

We are committed to providing services and products, like custom-made orthotics, that have been proven to work.

evidence-based care

Paper people chain of various colours

Healthcare is for everyone. We offer a safe and judgment-free space for everyone to seek the care that they need to achieve their goals in living active and healthy lives.


Stack of books, continued education

We take every opportunity to learn so that we can offer the best and most up-to-date treatment options available - all so we can better help you achieve your goals. 

continuing education

A globe being held up by four hands, going green, environmentalism

We try to be as green as we can be - from the furniture we’ve chosen to our manufacturing process, our move toward being paper-free, installing LED lights in the clinic, sourcing green products when we can, and more!

going green

our values.

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